If you have an electronic pdf drawing or CAD(.dxf) drawing of the room showing all the fixtures, registers and dimensions fill in the form below and attach.
    If you are doing a sketch of the room by hand see following reference notes.

    • Specify voltage required – 120VAC or 240VAC.
    • Specify thermostat required – Manual, Programmable or Wifi Programmable.
    • Scan your sketch or take a photo of your sketch and attach the file to this form.


    1) Start with a sketch of the room layout.


    2) Draw in the thermostat location.


    3) Start in one corner and measure all the edges as you continue around the room back to the starting point. Be detailed, measure edge to edge, and don’t add gaps the Heatlay designers will add clearances from walls and fixtures.


    4) Measure floor register and toilet drain positions.