Heatlay Mat Installation Instruction

Detailed instructions for installing traditional mortar embedded Heatlay mats. P514 R6 Heatlay Installation Instructions

Detailed instructions for installing peel and stick Heatlay mats. P515 R2 Heatlay Peel and Stick Installation Instructions b-w

Touch Programmable Thermostat Instructions 

Installation instructions and operating guide for UDG4-4999 touch screen programmable thermostat. UDG4-4999 Manual – pdf

Product Certification

Record of the product certification done to CSA test standards, as listed by Intertek/ETL. Intertek Listing – pdf

Industry Test Report

Results of the “fit for use” test conducted by the TCNA (Tile Council of North America) conducted to evaluate the performance of floor systems under simulated load conditions. Heatlay received an “Extra-Heavy” rating, far more than would ever be required in a residential or commercial application. 

TCNA Report – pdf


Terms and conditions of sale. Terms – pdf

Sketch Worksheet

A useful grid scaled sheet for sketching room layouts. Worksheet – pdf