Can I install Heatlay mats under solid hardwood floors?

No, there are concerns that over time the hardwood floors will dry-out and warp or crack.

Can I install Heatlay mats under laminate or engineered wood floors?

Yes, laminate or engineered wood floors are dimensionally stable and do not tend to dry-out and crack like solid hardwood floors.

Can I cut the Heatlay mat?

No, the mat is delivered in a fixed shape and is not designed to be cut and manipulated.s.

Can I use Heatlay mats with Ditra underlayment?

Yes, per Ditra’s instructions Heatlay’s mats are to be installed first, and the Ditra underlayment installed on top of the mat.

How much does it cost to install the Heatlay mat?

Installation costs vary widely as such we cannot give an exact figure, check with a few local installers familiar with installing the Heatlay style mat, to ensure you are getting a fair estimate.

How much does it cost to operate?

Costs vary dependent upon your local utility rates. A 3ft x 10ft mat will consume the same power as three 120Watt light bulbs. Use a programmable thermostat to control the mat(s) and save power and money.

Can I install the Heatlay mat outdoors?

No, the Heatlay mat is only approved for indoor applications.

Can I install the heating mats under toilets?

Yes, keep the edge of the mat about 4 inches away from the toilet flange and keep in mind the all of the mat must be covered by your flooring material.

Can I install the heating mats under a vanity?

No, keep the edge of the mat about 2 inches away from the side of the vanity or from the toe-kick.

Can I install the Heatlay mat in a shower?

The mat would need to be installed below a waterproof membrane and connected to a GFCI protected circuit. Heatlay recommends you check with your local building authority for comments on this type of application.

How much will the Heatlay mat raise my floor height?

The mat is approximately 1/8” thick, so you get little height increase.

Can I tile on top of the mat, right after I have installed the mat into thinset?

Yes, you can begin tiling right away; this is a big time-saving advantage of the Heatlay mat.

How do I know the leads will reach my thermostat?

The cold leads on Heatlay’s standard mats exit from one corner, and are long enough to reach a thermostat mounted at normal height anywhere along the perimeter of the mat (the mats can be rotated 180 degrees to get the closest fit possible). On custom mats the leads exit the mat to fit the thermostat location.

Can I get longer leads on a mat?

Yes, the leads can be up to 25ft long. You will need to go through the custom mat ordering process for such a requirement.

What size junction box do I need for the thermostat?

For a single mat application, Heatlay recommends using the largest volume 2” x 4” junction box available. For application with 2 or more mats Heatlay recommends using the largest volume 4” x 4” junction box available.

Can I connect more than one mat to a thermostat?

Each thermostat is rated for up to 15 amps. As long as the total amperage of the mats does not exceed 15amps you can connect as many mats as you are reasonably able, multiple mats are to be wired in parallel. The amp ratings for each standard mat are detailed in the product size and price pages. Large areas can be broken into sections each controlled by a separate thermostat.

How big of an area can I control with one Heatlay thermostat?

With 120V standard mats you should be able to cover up to 150 sq.ft., with 240V mats up to 300 sq.ft.

Is a 240V mat more efficient than a 120V mat?

No, they are the same.

How far out does the heat extend from the edge of the mat?

The floor will feel warm to the edge of the mat however the warmth does not extend beyond the edge of the mat.

How long does it take to heat-up the floor?

The heat up time for each installation varies due to many factors. In many cases you will feel the floor warming in as quickly as 30 minutes.

What happens if I damage the cable?

The cable on the Heatlay mat can be repaired. A skilled electrician or fault detection technician will should be able to find the location of the damage without tearing up the entire floor. Cable repair kits are available from Heatlay.