Installation Fault Monitor


Floor Heat Installation Cable Monitor, Instant Alarm, Howler. Monitors Heating Cables and Mats Continuity and Insulation Resistance During Floor Installation. Compatible With All Electric Underfloor Heating


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The Howler installation wire monitor / alarm, offers real-time testing of the floor heating cable or mat on all three connection points – live, neutral, and ground.

If the heating wire insulation or the resistance wire is damaged, the monitor will immediately alert you, allowing for easy repair before the heating system is covered by the floor covering, preventing costly repairs.

A red warning light will immediately light up if potential problems are identified. A green light remains lit if the system is working correctly.

Connection of the heating cables to the cable monitor is via wire terminals and there is a convenient on/off switch.

The device is compatible with all types of radiant floor heating mats and cables.

The Howler monitor can be reused over and over again, by simply replacing the batteries when required, batteries are included.