Quick Tips

Heatlay Quick Tips


  • Built in Canada
  • 25 year mat warranty
  • 3 year thermostat warranty
  • 130 standard sizes in both 120V and 240V
  • 1/8” thick
  • 12 Watts per square foot up to 15 Watts per square foot for custom applications
  • Approved  by ETL to the latest CSA standard

Where to Use:            

  • All tile and natural stone, laminate and engineered wood

Do not Use:                

  • In showers, under carpet; solid wood, linoleum, vinyl or outdoors


  • Per electrical circuit - approximately 150 square feet in 120V and 300 square feet in 240V
  • Larger areas  would require a second circuit


  • Use a modified thinset mortar
  • Do not run the mat until the mortar is cured
  • The heat radiates up from the mat, but not beyond the edge of the mat.
  • Stay close to toe kicks
  • Recommend to insulate floor over slab on or below grade or unheated crawl space to reduce heat loss.
  • Remove mortar from grout lines while still wet when laying tile
  • Set thermostat probe 12” into the mat area
  • Ensure probe will not be in sunlight or covered by a fixture as this may cause early shut down of the thermostat
  • On an engineered wood installation ensure that the thermostat is not run above 28C or 82F temp

Quick Tips - pdf

Mat Test:                     

  • Test, before, during and after the installation process
  • Set your meter to ohms
  • Black and white on 120V mat to the two meter clamps
  • Black and red on 240V mat to the two meter clamps
  • The reading on the meter should be +or- 10% of the ohms value on the mat label.

Stat Wiring:                

  • Black from mat lead to black on load side of thermostat
  • White from mat lead (120V) to white on the load side of the thermostat
  • Red from mat lead (240V) to white on load side of the thermostat


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